The Saber in California’s High Sierra: ‘The…

The Saber in California’s High Sierra:

‘The Saber’ became an idea and an obsession probably also equally as much because we came across this article & writeup from Sierra Mountain Guides that described the route and the area, and had us blown away.

’ This ridge is the premiere attraction in the area at this point. That it was apparently not climbed before 2008 might be one of the eternal mysteries of the High Sierra. Nevertheless, it does live up to its beauty and reputation. It is a ridge traverse as much as a climb, in the style of Matthes Crest in Tuolumne, only better. The rock is of equal quality to Matthes, but the Sabre Ridge is longer, more dramatic, more committing, and with better climbing. In any case this climb is by anyone’s measure certain to be a 5-star classic.’

My favorite kind of trip report. Well done. I think I’m adding this to my ‘to climb’ list.

SABER RIDGE – obscure gem? or new classic in the California alpine

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