Kyle Dempster Solo Adventure Award

“We had over 50 applicants, and we’re excited to see and hear the stories that come out of these trips,” said Andy Anderson, a close friend of Dempster and a member of the grant committee.

The descriptions of the recipients and their planned adventures below have been slightly abridged from a press release sent out by the award committee:

Anthony Marra of Salt Lake City, Utah, is receiving $2,000 for a four-month trip across the north and south islands of New Zealand. He will bike, climb and ski nine major summits along the way. He will tow a bike trailer with all the necessary equipment as well as a surfboard, which he’ll use when he heads to the coast for some celebratory beach time after each peak. To prepare for this trip, in the summer of 2017, Anthony spent three months biking from the Canadian border to Mexico, climbing and skiing 26 peaks in the Cascades and Sierra.

These folks would obviously be doing these trips regardless of being awarded a small grant…but man are these proposed trips cool!

Kyle Dempster Solo Adventure Award recipients announced –