Family Values- Raising Kids Who Love to Climb : Quality family…

Family Values- Raising Kids Who Love to Climb :

Quality family time, self-confidence, and a well-rounded perspective on life are just a few of the perks of living the climbing lifestyle together as a family. We have built this type of life very much on purpose; it’s a life that can hopefully show them the value of experience and togetherness over a nice car, a big house, and other material things that our culture tends to prioritize. The climbing life is a doorway to a more fulfilling existence, and now that Mayah, 18, and Will, 16, are becoming adults and following their own paths, I feel more convinced than ever that we made the right decision.

Pro climber and schoolteacher Rob Pizem and his wife, Jane, are raising two young boys in Grand Junction, Colorado, and they have a few rules to make sure the kids are the priority when they go climbing. “By setting parameters, it helps you, the climber, stay out of the way of you, the parent,” Pizem says.

  • It is supposed to be fun, meaning if the kids want to swing from 10 feet up all day, that’s what we do.
  • Climbing with the kids means I might not even climb that day other than hanging ropes for them.
  • The goal is to let them choose to climb, not for us to choose it for them.

In the end it all comes down to balance. These days, Will is a setter at the local gym in Fort Collins, and he and Mayah both climb for a regional team. While Cyn and I might feel that climbing and being outside are valuable, our kids might not always agree. Sometimes they want to try another sport or focus on school, and that, I believe, is the goal of good parenting: to have kids who are independent and thoughtful enough to seek out that which they need to be happy.

As a father of 3 young ones, this was really good for me to read. Balance and a healthy attitude on life is all I can hope to impart to my kids. Bravo to the author and his wife.

Family Values: Raising Kids Who Love to Climb

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