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In a lot of ways, for me at least, this stupid website is like everything else in my life. I don’t mind being corrected if I’m wrong or in error. I greatly prefer that to people who know more than I do letting me be wrong and spread that inaccuracy to other people and so on. And as far as personal conflict goes, I stick up for my folks. If someone has been a shithead to you and you and I are even friendly, just tell me what’s up. I’ll prolly delete it and never reblog that person again, because it’s far more important to me to maintain relationships with good folks than it is to be a part of some perceived cool kids club. Some people will fuck around with the worst assholes on here just to “not create conflict” and to that I say, BALLS. Fuck rude dickheads forever, and fuck those who allow rude dickheads to be awful to others because “you don’t wanna ruffle any feathers” or some such shit.

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This spread is for @lesbianfrannyglass

Your spread is a 5 card Pyramid spread with two crossed cards in the center. In this spread the triangle represents the first formulation of an object or a second dimension in space. There is a sort of beginning, middle and end. When you draw a single dot for 1 and if you add another dot for the number 2, you can create a straight line but add a third dot and now you have a triangle, a shape, an object in two dimensional space. The center card on the bottom of the two represents the internal or emotional central idea of the spread. The top center card represents the external central idea or what action is crucial to what you’re set to do.

Now imagine that you’re looking at one side of a pyramid dead on.

The first and uppermost point of your pyramid is the 6 of Cups, Pleasure.

For reasons I call this the plumbing card. The water is not flowing freely as though it is pouring, it has been pumped through a series of tubes intricately woven together to fill the cups placed in the shape of a hexagram. Emotion and connectedness to life are intentionally being directed by unseen but invited forces. Someone who wasn’t looking closely could see nothing but knots and chaos and even wonder how the damn thing worked in the first place. Those people are squares and should be avoided at all costs.

Do what gives you pleasure that also instills clarity. Center on the best you can feel even if onlookers can’t appreciate what you’re doing connoisseurs (and you) will dig it.

The second point, the first to connect to the earth is the 4 of Disks, Power or the Fortress or the island.

This is “squaring up” with the material world or your everyday normal money/job/school/housing parts of life. The 4 or square is the next shape when the 3 or triangle is expanded. You are now expanding in 2 dimensions, you’ve made it passed the threshold, how do you proceed? The Fortress is a castle or private physical place of isolation and security/safety. Your private property and you base of operations to expand out in the world must be firmly secured, since most accidents happen at home. From Liber AL it is mentioned that you should “©hoose ye an island, fortify it, dung it about with the enginery of war…” That is to say, for our illustration, protect your base of operations in your material world.

There is one entrance and around the fortress is a mote, this is so you may go about the world doing your business but you can return and bring the bridge up when you’re done fucking around with the outside world.

The last point and the corner that then connects again to the top completing the geometry is the Queen of Wands, the watery part of Fire or how you feel about what you do.

This is ideally feeling great about what you do. The perspective on the card shows this Queen 10 feet tall and seemingly bullet proof. Her animal the cheetah, known for being fast and a spazz, is subdued under her calm hand. Her legs are spread and the wand of Bacchus showing all her passions can be controlled.

If you want to feel good about this and what you do, control your knee jerk lower ego reactions. Choose Will not want.

The heart of the pyramid holds the 8 of Disks, Prudence.

This is the Sun in Virgo or centering on the most fertile options or growth in your life. Implied is a balance through pruning or cutting away the dead, dying, and less useful parts of your “plant” (or your material world of everyday things) so that it might grow better. Center your material world on some fertile possibilities of reward that are/will be present in your life and cut out the unnecessary or excess.

Dump the crap that saps your energy and imbalances your material world/everyday life situation. Focus on balancing the creating, building AND maintaining your physical world.

And the limestone surface of the pyramid is marked with the 3 of Cups, Abundance.

Like all 3s this is the first shape (triangle) the suit takes, in this case Water or emotion, intuition, and connectedness to life. This card is about taking care of your basic emotional shit that connects you to other people in your relationships so that you might build and move on intelligently. The intelligence and communicative abilities of Mercury are in the maternal and intuitive Cancer.

Try to put some basic form to how you’re feeling right now. Don’t focus on a finished product like healing every relationship you’ve ever had, just start putting it together the most basic way you can so you can move forward in a new and more complete place.

So, in short, you’ve gotta get in touch with your passions and what makes your blood pump (and boil), you’ve gotta take that and make it practical for yourself. You make a fortress, not to keep others out, but so that you can be in charge of your kingdom, feeling good about the actions your taking, because you’re in charge of them, you’re acting from your Will and not some desire to please.

Easier said than done, right? You’ve gotta work on this and work to maintain it. You do that, again, by focusing your efforts on your soft inside bits, on your feelings and how you can make yourself feel safe and good and motivated by taking care of number one. You cannot help others or anything else until you help yourself here and you do that by listening to yourself and doing what makes you feel empowered. It’s time to get big and maintain that “large and in-charge-ness”! Okay?

Thank you for donating and please get at me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Happy SOLstice!